In keeping with Section 171 Local Government Act 1976, all Local Government arranged according to three system levels. This system is specifically consist of:-

a) Council Members

b) Work Committees

c) Administration

Under this system, these three components is to strengthen the Local Government administration. Pontian District Council (MDP) constitutes the President, Secretary and advocacy organization as exhibited in the organization chart. Apart from that, 24 council members and 3 "ex-officio" members which is elected by the State Government. These council members, in general are the ruling political party delegates. While "ex-officio" members are constitute the State Government officers in the District Level namely:-

a) District Land Administrative Officer

b) District Engineer (Public Works Department)

c) District Health Officer

There are nine sections which assisted the President and the Secretary in implementing the MDP Administration. Those sections are the Administrative Section, Licensing Section, Financial Section, Health Section, Evaluation and Property Management Section, Engineering and Development Section, Legislation Section, Tourism and Landscape Section, and Enforcement Section.

Apart from that, all critical decisions are made based on majority voices among the Council Members during the Council meeting. These Council Members also holds positions in various Advisory Committee permanently (standing), or ad-hoc to handle various aspects related with the MDP activities. This committee usually consists of Council Members and MDP or other related Government Department Officers / personnel. Seven committees are created:-

a) Financial and General Subject Committee
b) Town Works, Plan, and Planning Committee
c) Road and Traffic Committee
d) Health and Licensing Committee
e) Evaluation / Assessment Committee
f) Development Committee
g) Tourism and Environment Committee