Press Release:

Pontian District Council (MDP) expressed deep appreciation and gratitude to the citizens of Pontian District taxpayers because until the end of the first term, 95% of proceeds was raised by Pontian District Council. With this applied to all taxpayers in order to fulfill your obligation to pay property tax for the second term starting July 1, 2017 until August 31, 2017. The results of the collection of taxes collected will be used to boost infrastructure development programs and social development in Pontian District. Pontian District Council would also argue that the MDP has never appointed any agent or indidvidu or a third party to manage any service involving Pontian District Council. Any inquiries and payment may be connected to Pontian District Council or call 07-6871442 or 07-6875292. Again, Pontian District Council thanked him and together, let us keep the motto Pontian Pontian District Clean, Beautiful and Interesting..

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