Therm & Condition

Under is use of the web conditions and right and your duty when accessing and / oruse services in this website.

If you access this website, it is confession and agreement that you tied to these conditions and with this, formed an agreement between you as customer, and we, for access and / or this use of the web.

These conditions will replace earlier conditions that you accept or access through this website. Usage and / or your access to this service further will be considered as this the requirements acceptance.


Responsibility limit

You clearly understand and agree that we are irresponsible on any loss form, directly or indirect, which related or specific, model or exemplary, including but unlimited to loss of profit shaped loss, belief or loss intangible the rest due to:

(1) usage or inability to use this service;

(2) product acquisition cost and replacement service following purchase any product, data, information or service or message received or transaction made through or from this website;

(3) access unauthorized or internal change delivery or your data;

(4) statement or third party action in this website; or

(5) other things related to this website.

We could be preparing link to website others. The said webpages owned and conducted by third party and therefore, we have no curb on site and source. You admit and agree that we are irresponsible on site and external source and do not support and irresponsible on any content, advertisement, product or other materials that prepared in site and source. You further admit and agree that we are irresponsible, directly or indirect, towards any damage or loss that due to or believed as because him or associated with the use of or dependence on content, product or service prepared in or through site or source.


Thermal & Condition


We could terminate your access anywhere services division or whole service and any service which related at anytime, with because or without cause, with notice or without notice, and effective immediately. We can also terminated or suspend your account that inactive, namely, defined as failure to use website service through account to a specific period. You agree that we are irresponsible to you or any third party above access termination to service.


Change to Terms And Conditions Of Service

We has the right to make change, modification, cancellation or addition to these conditions in anytime with give prior notice. Nevertheless, in emergency situation or for safeguarding website security or in a state of out of control, of which we find out necessary to change, modify, cancel or increase these conditions, it will do so without prior notice to you. It is agreed that you will access and examine these conditions from time to time to know any change, modification, cancellation or addition that is latest. You further agree and accept that access continuously and the requirements usage (mutant or renovated from time to time) will be considered as your acceptance on any change, modification, cancellation or addition to these conditions.

Modification to services

We has the right to modify or terminate service (or part of service) whether temporarily or remained at anytime with notice or without notice. You agree that we are irresponsible to you or any third party above any modification, suspension or the service termination.