Pontian District Council Area

Bandar Pontian
Bandar Pontian covers an area which was formerly administered by the Township Council covering a one square mile area. During the restructuring conducted in 1977, its administration area was expanded to its vicinity which was being developed with housing projects, and later making an overall total area of 388.8 hectares for Bandar Pontian Administration. Today, there are approximately 2,403 property holds and 6792 units of building which are eligibly taxable with Property Tax. Residents of Bandar Pontian in 1988 are estimated at a total 26,400 people.

Pekan Nanas
Situated approximately 16 km from Bandar Pontian in Jalan Johor and covers an area of 163.2 hectares. Pekan Nanas existed as a settlement area during the emergency period. Before 1977, this new village was administered by the Local Council. Pekan Nanas possess a total of 1,304 holds and 1,381 building units which are eligibly taxable with Property Tax, while its number of residents is a total of 13,200 people (estimated in 1988).