Vision Lead City Planning department is brilliant and scintillating.

Mission is to create sustainable development, effective use of resources heights and generate a quality living environment.

The objective set by the Department are the following :-

  • Enhance the development of the region of Pontian District Council systematically through the planning and determination of strategies, proposals and development programs in line with the Long-Term Development Plan Policy.
  • Ensure that the goals, objectives and strategies of the State Structure Plan and Local Plan Area can be implemented.
  • Establishing land use planning, socio-economic and environmental well-organized through development control and planning.
  • Creating a healthy development, clean and productive through beautification activities organized control.
  • Advancing Pontian District as a tourist attraction through monitoring and research on these areas and tourism products
  • The bank provides data and information relating to the development, beautification and Pontian District travel complete by reference to the public