Pontian District Council was established in 01 November, 1976 under Act 124 (Temporary Act) which was later declared as Act 171, Local Government Act 1976. This Council administration encompasses an area as wide as 1080 hectares covering Bandar Pontian, Pekan Nanas, Benut, Permas and Ayer Baloi. Before the establishment of Pontian District Council, Bandar Pontian was administrated by Pontian City Council, while branch of Pekan Nanas, Benut, Ayer Baloi and Permas was administrated by their respective Local Councils. Since the establishment of Pontian District Council, three Local Council namely Pekan Nanas Local Council, Benut Local Council and Ayer Baloi Local Council along Pontian City Council was abolished and its administration was taken over by Pontian District Council.

Pontian District Council administer as a whole encompasses areas as wide as 19,701 hectares and 40 left /right chain main road areas in Pontian. However, the granting of cleanliness services and other basic amenities is broadly about 1,280 hectares only. Other regions are areas subject under council control in aspects of development area and issue of business license only.

All holder subjects in excise areas are imposed different Property Tax rate according to holding Conditions. In this area also, the Council provides cleanliness services and other basic amenities services as needed by the population area based on those provisions given by Local Government Act.

With that, any building built above lands subjected in 40 left right chain tarred road areas being gazette, its building plans are being enforced to build one building.

Pontian District Council

Effective from 1 February 1979, City Council and Local Council has been encircled under one administration namely Pontian District Council through Government Gazette J.P.U 1261  in the same journal also which explains all Pontian District Council border areas with a total area of 2687 acres including its branches. The whole of Pontian District Area areas are governed by one authority which is given in Act 171 (Local Government Act 1976) by not changing the original border of Municipal Council and Local Council.

Excise Area Extension of Bandar Pontian

Effective from 14 March 1990, through Government Gazette No. 1387, Jilid 34, Bil 24 dated 22 November 1990, Pontian District Council excise area (of Bandar Pontian only) has been broadened as in Gazette Plan PW 1921 with an additional expansion of 590 acres.

Involved areas are a section Jalan Parit Masjid, Jalan Parit Semerah and Jalan Parit Ibrahim. This expansion does not involve Pontian District Council area for its branches.

Pontian City Council Area Expansion

Through Government Gazette J.P.U 1 Jilid 20, Bil 3, dated 29 January 1976 and Gazette Plan G 1073. Pontian City Council area boundary has been broadened to the total area of 1202 acres.