Pontian History 

Pontian District Council was established on 1st November 1976 under Act 124 (Temporary Act) and was eventually declared as Act 171, Local Government Act 1976. Administration of this Council includes an area of 1080 hectares covering Bandar Pontian, Pekan Nanas, Benut, Permas and Ayer Baloi. Before the establishment of Pontian District Council, Bandar Pontian was administered by the Township Council of Pontian (Majlis Bandaran Pontian). Meanwhile, it's Branches of Pekan Nanas, Benut, Ayer Baloi and Permas was administered by their respective Local Council. Since the establishment of Pontian District Council, three Local Councils; Local Council of Pekan Nanas, Local Council of Benut, Local Council of Ayer Baloi and Township Council of Pontian was abolished, and Pontian District Council was in-charge of taking over its administration.

Overall, administration of Pontian District Council includes an area the size of 19,701 hectares areas of 40 left/right main road chains in the district of Pontian. However, provision of hygiene services and other basic amenities are limited to an area of approximately 1,280 hectares only. Other areas are subjected under the council's control in aspects of development area and issuance of business license only.

All holds which are subjected under taxable areas are entitled to be taxed with a different Property Tax rate based on Conditions of hold. The Council also provides hygiene services and other basic amenities in this area subjected to the resident's necessities of the area, based on allocations provided by the Local Government Act.

Also, a building plan for construction of a particular building will be enforced for any gazetted building which was built on land subjected in the area of 40 left/right tarmac road chain.