• Managing the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Managing the preparation of monthly financial reports
  • Audit-related matters
  • Managing maintain and update accounting records
  • Managing the maintenance fund
  • Managing reports JPKA Meeting
  • Managing and maintaining your fixed deposit investments
  • Managing and maintaining documents depreciable asset purchases
  • Managing a book review of computerized vote
  • Managing maintain a trust account ledger
  • Matters related to Goods and Services Tax (GST) - Input Tax


control Provisions

  • Managing the annual budget
  • Managing application Payment
  • Managing additional provisions
  • Managing supply and indent Work Order
  • Managing delivery JPKA reUrusan bayaran utilitiport to the Office of the State Financial Officer
  • Managing utility payments
  • Managing the monthly reconciliation of trust funds
  • Managing the process of reimbursement of trust funds
  • The review documents supporting payment claims
  • A review of payment claims
  • Managing the maintenance of records of loans


Emoluments and Fees

  • To prepare the payment vouchers and checks
  • To prepare the voucher and a refund check trust
  • Managing the delivery of payment checks
  • Managing emolument
  • Allowance payment arrangements Council Member
  • A review of Travel Allowance claim
  • A review of claims Overtime Allowance
  • Urusan penyediaan penyata gaji
  • Urusan Wang Pendahuluan Diri
  • Urusan penyediaan Borang EC
  • Urusan berkaitan dengan KWSP
  • Urusan berkaitan dengan caruman PERKESO


  • Managing stock maintenance stationery
  • Managing List billing
  • Managing maintenance files Finance Department
  • Registration of suppliers
  • Managing System Smart SMS
  • Managing performance reporting for 14 days
  • Managing the secretariat JPKA
  • Managing maintenance payment vouchers
  • Managing the secretariat JKKPA
  • Managing the delivery of filing Circular
  • Managing the implementation of the Financial Affairs Department Mailing List Check / Money Order is received by mail