Development Function

  • Planning development projects through District Development Plan.
  • Planning, coordinating and implementing rural community development programmes and activities.
  • Coordinate development projects planning which involves various agencies at district level.
  • Evaluate development projects from its implementation and effectiveness aspects to the population socio-economic.
  • To provide technical support services in infrastructure and basic amenities development field

General Administrative, Social, Protocol / Ceremony and License Function.

  • Carry out management administration of following district.
  • Mukim Benut
  • Mukim Air Masin
  • Mukim Api-Api
  • Mukim Sungai Pinggan
  • Mukim Rimba Terjun
  • Mukim Serkat
  • Mukim Ayer Baloi
  • Mukim Sungai Karang
  • Mukim Jeram Batu / Pengkalan Raja
  • Carry out licensing functions under the Cinema and public entertainment location Enactment and Enakmen Penulisan Raya.
  • Carry out protocol function, festival/celebration/social celebrations of District and State level.
  • Handle the administration result collection and accounting.
  • Handle the administration finance and budget.
  • Handle the Bangunan Sultan Ismail administration.
  • Manage matters related to flood and natural disaster.
  • Planning, coordinating and implementing campaigns, programmes and others, under Government Order.

District Security Functions

  • Responsible towards district security, prevent and exterminate drug threats, subversive elements, extremists group and arrange security talks.