Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
assalamualaikum, Have A Nice Time 

In tackling challenge that will appear to year 2021, and in constructive skeletal more a great success, core to every success is commitment, management that is efficientand quality work force. For that, year 2021 we should enter to new mind transformationarch. Hence, discipline implementation that is high among Pontian District Councilworker should be improved further.

Our main agenda in year 2021 is to cross all obstacles and challenge so that PontianDistrict Council can give service that is best to Pontian Daerah citizen. Worker should realise that success will would only be achieved when we having detailed planning,implementation and control that are effective, has accountability attitude that is high,creative and innovative, cooperate and share sourced in win-win situation (win-win situation). At the same time, I urge so that worker did not commit any mistake, reduceall wastage form and consequently find way how we can perform by "less with, wedeliver more".

I pray so that year 2021 promise beatification to all worker and Pontian Daerah citizen.Thank you part to all that always give support to realise vision and Pontian Mounicipal Council mission.

Wabillahi Taufiq walhidayah wassalamualaikum WBT

Mohd Ezzuddin bin Sanusi

Pontian Mounicipal Council