Function Evaluation Department




  • Valuation prepares for new holdings to the imposition of Property Tax
  • Managing the evaluation and CMK state and federal claims
  • Coordinating the master file management tamanRemisi / Return back property taxes.
  • Provide building number and street name
  • Check new valuation list.
  • Preparation Valuation
  • Responsible for issuing tax bills property tax
  • Updating the data property.
  • Managing delinquent property taxes.
  • Managing the ` Notice Of Demand'
  • Issuing notices and warrants
  • Prepare annual balance sheet
  • Create an account for a new holding
  • Secretariat Building Commissioner
  • Manage applications for transfer.
  • Provision of Extension / enlargement of new areas



  • Insurance Reform manage building / vehicle.
  • Secretariat of Assets
  • Urusetia Projek Penswastaan
  • Tax Reform manage road vehicles
  • Managing the hall rental, golf, tennis, etc.
  • Provides asset inspection schedule
  • Create reports of property damage Ceremony
  • Membuatkajian fees and taxes 
  • Updating tenant data
  • Manage application and interview booths
  • Providing contract offer rental / management / cleaning
  • Updating the rental agreement
  • Making process stalls or markets change name
  • Managing rent arrears
  • Prepare annual balance sheet
  • Create an account for a new hire
  • MenguruskanMesyuarat IPMC
  • Make the collection of rent and market stalls.