Expansion for Township Council of Pontian Area
Through the Government Gazette J.P.U 1 Volume 20, No. 3 (Warta Kerajaan J.P.U 1 Jilid 20, Bilangan 3), dated 29th January 1976 and also Gazette Plan G. 1073 (Pelan Warta G. 1073), boundary area of Township Council of Pontian was expanded to an overall total area of 1202 acres.

Pontian District Council
Effective beginning 1st February 1979, Township Council and Local Councils has been included under one administration named Pontian District Council through Government Gazette J.P.U 1261 (Warta Kerajaan J.P.U 1261). It is clarified in the same gazette that the boundary area of Pontian District Council with a total overall area of 2687 acres includes its branches. Total overall area of Pontian District Council was administered under the authority which was provided in Act 171 (Local Government Act 1976) with no modification on the Township Council and Local Council original border.