1. Participation is FREE.
  2. Competition is OPEN to individuals or groups
  3. Participation must be taken in the Pontian area or against the background of the Pontian area only.
  4. All entries must be submitted in MP4 format or appropriate (FULL HD 1080) for the video category. Video length should be 1 minute - 5 minutes (maximum).
  5. Participants are allowed to make edits to the video to ensure good results. However extreme editing such as superimpose is not allowed.
  6. Each work submitted must be original and never used in any publication. Entries will be disqualified if it is found that the work submitted is not original/plagiarized.
  7. The use of models, celebrities or individuals in your work must obtain the consent of such individuals and may not make any claims from the organizers.
  8. The result of the video is a manifestation of the creativity of the participants does not contain any negative elements, is rude and does not touch on sensitive issues.
  9. Pontian District Council reserves the right to cancel participation in the event of a violation of the above conditions.
  10. The video must be sent to the Community Development Department of Pontian District Council or can be sent via email